The Deadbringer

"Fifteen-year-old Kira has power over the dead. Born at the height of a great, Inquisition-like Purging, Kira believes that he is the only remaining Deadbringer. Because his powers horrify most of the population, his uncle raises him in secrecy and anonymity. When Kira uses these powers to solve a murder, however, he comes to the attention of local authorities and soon becomes the focal point of a political power struggle between the Bastion of the north and the religious Ascendancy of the south. Kira flees, and his escape draws him across a marvelously realized world with a complex history and various races of people. The narration alternates between him and his pursuers: sympathetic, compelling Ascension elites and two mysterious Deadbringers. Along the way, Kira strives to discover the truth of who he is: the extent of his powers, the mystery of his parentage, and what actions he must take to survive. In this debut, Markoff serves up a fantastic action-adventure, tinged with Mexican folklore, that will appeal to fans of A Game of Thrones." -Booklist

"[T]he author packs her novel with intrigue; for example, Kira suspects that maybe Teemo may be more than she seems. There are also shocking reveals, such as the fact that Eutau may know more about Kira’s long-gone father than he lets on. Perhaps best of all, Markoff’s setting is engagingly ambiguous—the specific year and exact location are unknown, giving the narrative a timeless quality. That, coupled with an impending Bastion/Ascendancy confrontation, should make the series’ next installment tempting for readers. A bevy of rich characters, plot twists, and possible paths for future books." -Kirkus Reviews 

"Loved the characters and the dialogues. Something about the character's interactions that gives the story a very special touch . . . [I] just wanted to keep reading and know what was going to happen next." -Writing, Reading, Living

"Markoff does an amazing job with an original idea and leaves you wanting more." -S.C. (source: amazon) 

"[The Deadbringer is] told in a few point of views and I can honestly say that I didn’t have a favorite. The world Markoff created was nothing short of amazing and intricate; I can’t wait to uncover more of what it has to offer. Also, THAT ENDING!! Gah! I can’t contain my longing for the sequel!" -The Bookish Crypt 

"The characters are easy to get attached to and it is hard to decide who is a hero and who is a villain, because those titles are fluid depending on the point of view of the person meeting them." -S L Vilkman (source: amazon)

"Markoff writes skillfully, with a masterful use of language to set scenes, convey emotion and pathos, and flesh out her characters." -Greg D (source: amazon) 

"Fascinating and yet a little disturbing. It is wonderful to know that imagination is only hampered when a person choses not to see. It is rare that I can read a book and actually feel the emotion of the people's and join them on their journey." -Heather Rose (source: amazon) 


To Nurture & Kill

"Markoff's novella, which takes place 15 years prior to the events of her previous book, is a laudable series forerunner, but also works well as a stand-alone work. It's impressive how much information is packed into the short tale, including background on the Purging . . . .  Nevertheless, the uncle-nephew bond is the story's strongest quality; ever protective Eutau is perfectly suited to the father figure role, even if he occasionally regrets his pledge to his sister. Kira, meanwhile, tackles mundane obstacles (such as when his peers call his skin ugly) as well as supernatural one, all in endearing, phonetic speech: "I pwomise, I'll be good," he assures Eutau.

An expansive, edgy genre piece whose earnest familial theme shines." - Kirkus Reviews

"I just can’t believe such a short thing made as much damage to my being as it did. Markoff has what feels like an effortless ability to help you immerse yourself in her words, and nothing else." -The Bookish Crypt 

"Divided into three parts, I loved seeing Eutau's development from what he thought he wanted his life to be, to realizing what he actually wanted." -Steph (source: amazon)

"E.M. Markoff has a remarkable gift for weaving multiple narratives together in a manner that is both satisfying and piquing to the reader's inquisitive nature." - Brian T. Cumings (source: amazon)

"I’ve always enjoyed reading novellas about a character’s past ... I loved reading about Eutau and how he came to be the guardian of Kira! Reading of how Kira struggled for being different really brought me to tears, it just broke me. But at the same time, I loved that Markoff wrote about it because it teaches us that being different is okay and that we are loved by many just the way we are!" -Sandra The Bookworm

"My eyes were pretty moist through a lot of [To Nurture & Kill]. Also, the diversity is great!" -R.A. (source: Goodreads)

"I . . . loved how through the pages, the words, we get to see in depth this strong, beautiful and loving relationship between Eutau and Kira. How sincere, honest, real and transparent it is." -Reading, Writing, Living

"When I finished the last page, I wanted to read The Deadbringer again! That's very high praise indeed." -Catherine (source: amazon)

"This book breathes life into Eutau and Kira, and makes their journey more poignant. Recommended." -Greg D (source: amazon)

"Some scenes show how people can be inhuman when it is about their own safety and interest, but this novella also points the fact that love is always stronger than hate, power and revenge and that forgiveness can be given to people we really cherish." -Alyttérature