That Time I Tried To Make A Book Trailer

Long ago--five years ago to be exact--I decided to make a book trailer. I had just upgraded from an old Nokia flip phone to a beast of a phone called the BlackBerry 10 ("Back in my day, grumble, grumble."). Coincidentally, I had just seen a few tweets from Neil Gaiman about his collaborative project with BlackBerry called Keep Moving Projects. Upon discovering you could film and edit on a phone, I couldn't help but try my hand at it. 

I have nothing but good memories about this undertaking and had fun making a trailer for a book I had enjoyed.  

I hope one day to make a trailer for The Ellderet Series and, truth be told, I do have a bit of footage. For now, a book trailer will have to wait as I already have enough on my plate, including upcoming conventions, studying for my beginner's Nahuatl class, and writing the sequel to The Deadbringer

For now, I hope you enjoy my amateur trailer. Let me know if it stirs your curiosity to pick up Andrew Pyper's thriller The Demonologist.

Timoittazceh (nos vemos/see you).


Did I mention I'm a fan of Neil Gaiman? ;)

E.M. Markoff is the award-winning Latinx author of stories about damaged heroes and imperfect villains. Her works include To Nurture & Kill and The Deadbringer, which Booklist described as "A fantastic action-adventure, tinged with Mexican folklore, that will appeal to fans of A Game of Thrones."