Happy #Caturday: The Assistant Strides Across His Domain


The “Ass”istant gives his “ass” of approval. Hahahaha . . . no? Yeah, no.

And thus ended her career, on this fateful #Caturday, with an unforgivably as(s)inine pun.

R.I.P. E.M. Markoff

(I don’t think even E’sinea would go this far^^;)

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Latinx author and publisher E.M. Markoff writes about damaged heroes and imperfect villains. Works include The Deadbringr, To Nurture & Kill, and "Leaving the #9." Under her imprint Tomes & Coffee Press, she published Tales for the Camp Fire, a charity anthology to raise money for California wildfire recovery and relief efforts. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and is mostly made up of coffee, cat hair, and whiskey.