The Land of Moenda

The Land is lost. She has closed her heart. Whisper to me the dreams of your life, for the end draws near.
— The Deadbringer

Races, factions, & Related Terms

  • Agent: The title given to soldiers of the Bastion.

  • Ascendancy, The: The ruling power in the South and the strongest faction in Moenda. It brought about the Purging to slaughter the Deadbringers and unite the Land under its banner. Based in Florinia.

  • Deadbringers: A race native to Moenda, capable of communicating with souls and reanimating the dead. Exterminated during the Purging.

  • Doll: A reanimated corpse that has been imbued with a soul and modified to appear more human. Its maker may allow it to possess independent thought.

  • Florinese: A race that came to Moenda before the First War. A peaceful people, they settled in the South as the first inhabitants of what became the city of Florinia.

  • Katarus: A proud warrior race native to the southwestern highlands of Moenda. Divided into familial clans. Some Katarus have special abilities, most famously the power to forge their own blood into weapons.

  • Koyohal: A reclusive people from the Sink, the great marshes into which the Silent River disappears. Looked down upon by the other races of Moenda.

  • Leodian: An race of traveling people.

  • Moma: A person of mixed blood. Depending on their particular heritage, momas may have strange abilities or appear different from the other peoples of Moenda. Some are discriminated against.

  • Risen: A reanimated corpse without a soul or independent thought.

  • Ro'Erden: A foreign race with gray skin, horns, talon-tipped fingers, and the ability to manipulate rock and soil. The invading race that provoked the long-ago First War. Descendants of the original Ro'Erden are tolerated but unloved by the other peoples of the Land.

  • Sanctifier: An elite warrior of the Ascendancy. Sanctifiers are chosen for their skill and zealous belief, and have a fearsome reputation throughout Moenda.

  • Spellcaster: A term used to describe an individual who can cast "spells" by materializing their verbal wishes.



  • Amonos: A Sanctifier. Part of Kristoff's band.

  • Daemeon: A woman encountered by Kira.

  • Elia: An elderly herbalist from the Old Town in Opulancae.

  • E'sinea: A Sanctifier. Part of Kristoff's band.

  • Huaslan: Also known as Lan. A cabin girl.

  • J'kara: A Florinese woman. An old friend to Kira and Eutau Vidal.

  • Kristoff of the Herzmmen Clan: A Kataru. A Sanctifier and the captain of his band. Older brother of Marya.

  • Lafont, Kim: A captain and High Councilman of the Bastion.

  • Lyse: A wanderer.

  • Marya of the Herzmmen Clan: A Kataru. A Sanctifier, younger sister of Kristoff. Called Mar Mar by E'sinea.

  • Moenda: The name of the continent. Typically referred to by its inhabitants as the "Land."

  • ReydeEs, Teemo-Na'dissima: A young woman from the Southern Islands.

  • Stone, Nathaniel: A wealthy merchant from Opulancae.

  • The Ten: The reclusive founders and leaders of the Ascendancy.

  • Vas'tu: A Ro'Erden. A Sanctifier who fought during the Purging. Captain of his band.

  • Vidal, Eutau: A mortician who owns a funeral parlor situated on the outskirts of Opulancae. Uncle of Kira Vidal.

  • Vidal, Kira: A young apprentice mortician and headstone carver from Opulancae. Nephew of Eutau Vidal, with whom he lives.

  • Zem, Sal: An agent of the Bastion.