The Ellderet Series is Among RedStarReviews’ Top 10 Fantasy Series

Deep breath. Relax. Remember that no one likes all caps. So, in lieu of all caps, just imagine me and the Assistant running up and down the hallway with glee. The Ellderet Series has made it to RedStarReviews’ top 10 fantasy list! Not going to lie, it was always a dream of mine to see TES on a top ten-fifty-hundred-thousand fantasy list, but that’s all it ever seemed that it could be: a dream.

Until now.

I’m so freaking honored to be included alongside so many of my favorite authors whose works have inspired me. The grin on my face would make Amonos proud. Seriously, you need to check out the list, it’s great. But above all, I’m humbled that The Deadbringer has found its way into readers’ hearts. #AchievementUnlocked

E.M. Markoff is the award-winning Latinx author of stories about damaged heroes and imperfect villains. Her works include To Nurture & Kill and The Deadbringer, which Booklist described as "A fantastic action-adventure, tinged with Mexican folklore, that will appeal to fans of A Game of Thrones."